How to Clean Vinyl Siding with a Pressure Washer

Cleaning vinyl siding with a pressure washer

There are various ways to clean vinyl siding, which are used by professionals, however, the most popular method, which can be performed by anyone with basic understanding is the pressure washing. In pressure washing, high-pressure water is thrown to clean vinyl siding or any other thing that needs cleaning. Vinyl Sidings are usually at the exterior of the house and since it is exposed to all sorts of dirt and seasonal changes, it can get soiled and dirty very quickly.

Unclean vinyl sidings give a highly unpleasant look to the house and badly tarnish its beauty. Similarly, all sorts of moldy substances and microbial can habitat on these sidings, which can badly affect the inside home environment. It is, therefore, extremely important to regularly clean the vinyl siding either through a pressure washer or any other effective method.

Measures to take before performing the Pressure Washer Method

There are certain measures that should be taken before performing the pressure washer method. These measures will protect the vinyl siding as well as maintain control of the process. The process should be performed in a well-coordinated and thought out manner so that nothing gets out of hand. Some common precautions to follow are as below:

  1. You should wear safety gear because, during the pressure washer process, there is a possibility of getting wet and dirty. You should wear special shoes, waterproof gear, and glasses.
  2. The strength of vinyl siding should be determined and how much pressure it can handle. The hot water pressure to be applied should be less than the strength of the vinyl siding.
  3. The objects near the vinyl siding should be either moved or covered since they can get dirty or wet during the process. If there is furniture near the siding, it should be moved.
  4. All electrical equipment near the area should be properly covered since exposing them to water can lead to severe problems.
  5. It is recommended to remove the mildew and moldy substance from the vinyl siding since during pressure washer process there is a risk of these spreading to the surrounding areas.

Performing the Pressure Washer Method to Clean Vinyl Siding

In order to perform the pressure washer method, you will need a pressure washer and a green cleaning method. The pressure washer will have to be supplied electrical connection for operating. The steps involved in the process are as follows:

  1. Add cleaning agent in the pressure washer chamber designated for adding soaps and detergents. This will help clean vinyl siding properly and remove all sorts of contaminants.
  2. Now, start throwing water at the siding at low pressure. This should help you determine the effect of water pressure on vinyl.
  3. Keep on increasing the water pressure until an appropriate level has been reached. At this point, the dirt from the surface of the vinyl siding should start to clear.
  4. Start from one end of the siding and keep on moving in stripes. Continue the process until to reach the other end of the vinyl siding. The cleaning process should be smooth and gradual.
  5. If there are sections in the siding then clean by the section moving from one section to the other.
  6. The cleaning solution will perform its function after which you should rinse the siding with clear water.
  7. Dry the siding in end. This process should be performed once in a while so that vinyl will remain clean for a long period of time.