How to effectively perform utensils cleaning process

The utensils cleaning process

Utensils cleaning is a routine process at home since people cook and eat at home on daily basis. The downside of eating at home is that you have to clean the utensils afterward. Over the course of time, a number of machines and dishwashers have been made available in the market, which can aid you in the utensils cleaning process. However, these machines are either expansive or limited in their functions due to which not everyone uses them. Similarly, mostly there is not enough space at home to keep these items. It is, therefore, more convenient to manually clean the utensils. The cleaning requirements of the utensils depend upon their nature and usage.

Sometimes, the stains can hard to remove and special green cleaning agents and scrubbers may be required in order to clean them. There are a number of popular cleaning agents available in the market for the purpose, just like in vinyl siding. However, it is recommended to use natural and green cleaners for the purpose since the chemical cleaners may be toxic in nature. These include vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice etc.

Supplies required to perform the utensil cleaning process

Following supplies are required in order to perform the utensils cleaning process depending upon the type of the cleaning process:

  1. Dishwasher Machine: In case, the cleaning process has to be performed with the help of a machine. This can take care of most of your utensils and clean the standard stains.  
  2. Cleaning Agent: A cleaning agent will be required in order to remove the stains, oil and sticky food items.
  3. Scrubber or Sponge: A scrubber or sponge may be required in order to remove the sticky items.
  4. Hot Water: This will be used as the primary medium of cleaning, similar to the hot water extraction cleaning method on your carpets

Steps involved in Utensils Cleaning Process

Following steps are involved in the process:

  1. In case the utensils are to be cleaned in a washer, then place all the utensils inside and apply the cleaning agent. The dishwasher will run for a session and the standard stains will be removed.
  2. In case the utensils are to be cleaned manually then the process can be lengthy.
  3. Firstly, wet the utensils with the help of water and scrub the stains with the help of a scrubber. Now, apply the cleaning agent in order to thoroughly clean the item, just like with shoes.
  4. Scrub until the stains, oil and greasy substance have been removed.
  5. Dry the utensils properly and store them in a hygienic environment.