How to Perform the General Shoe Cleaning Process

general shoe cleaning process

Shoe Cleaning is one of the important things that you should do regularly since shoes can carry all sorts of infections and contaminants. Shoes are one of the biggest sources of bringing dust particles and contaminants in residential environments leading to health hazards and uncleanliness in homes. In addition, it is believed that if all the shoes at home are kept extremely clean than a greater percentage of health hazards can be avoided. Therefore, Shoe Cleaning process should be performed on regular basis following the process stated in this article.

Supplies required for Shoe Cleaning Process

There are different kinds of shoes, which people wear these days whose make, material and purpose may differ from each other. Different cleaning processes, like green cleaning, and cleaning agents may be required in order to properly clean various types of shoes but the general process for cleaning may be the same. Similarly, there are some supplies, which will be required for cleaning all kinds of shoes. Some of the supplies required are as below:

  1. Cleaning agent: Some cleaning solution depending upon the material of the shoe may be required.
  2. Water: In order to create the shoe cleaning mixture and for subsequent cleaning, water may be required.
  3. Soft Cloth or Towel: In order to remove the dirt or contaminants from the shoe.
  4. Scrubber or Brush: For removing stains from the surface of the shoe.

Performing the Shoe Cleaning Process

Following steps can be followed in order to perform the cleaning process:

  1. In the first step, wipe the shoes with the help of a paper towel or a soft cloth. This will help remove dust particles from the shoes.
  2. Clean the bottom of the shoe from the exterior with the help of water so that soil can be removed.
  3. Now, rinse a cotton pad or a soft cloth in the cleaning mixture and gently apply it on the surface of the shoes.
  4. Rub the shoe surface with the help of a scrubber or a brush. This will help remove the stains and contaminants from the surface of the shoes. Keep on rubbing until the stains have been properly removed. Scrubbing should be done keeping in mind the nature of the shoe. 
  5. Now, remove the soapy residue from the shoe by using clean paper water rinsed in clean water. Keep rubbing it gently until the soapy content has been removed.
  6. In the end, dehumidify the shoes so that no problem occurs in the future.