The Best Ways to Clean Hard to Reach Places

Cleaning your fridge is one of the most annoying activities in the whole cleaning process. If it has been too long, do not freak out. You are not alone. Cleaning must take the time of our life. However, most of us do not simply have this time to clean regularly. If you are a mom, cleaning can be one of your big responsibilities. Imagine going through life, work, family issues, and cleaning. It is exhausting and we do not have time in our busy schedules. 

We have made this guide for people who really do not have time for cleaning. Let’s discover it together.

1. Unconventional Cleaning Tools:
We will discuss two tools here; lint rollers and old toothbrushes.
• Lint Rollers:
We usually use this tool to remove lint from our clothes. However, we also can use them to grab the dust behind the desks or on the carpets. What is amazing about lint rollers is that you do not have to re-dust once used them.
• Old Toothbrushes:
Toothbrushes are the best tool to scrub any small crevice you have. In addition, they are the best solution to clean corners and other hard to reach places.

2. How to Clean Tough Spots:
• Lather, Rinse, and Scrub:
We usually do not scrub surfaces. That is why organisms can live in the deepest places without worrying. Scrubbing is important because it ensures that the surface is clean. Once you scrub the area, you are 100% sure that it is clean.
Have some pieces of sponges and scrub with them. It is better to have a sponge for each place. For example, have a sponge for the bathroom and another one for the kitchen.

• Regular Cleaning:
It is not important whether you are going to clean once a week or once a month. What is important is that you are going to clean regularly.
Of course, it is better when you clean weekly. However, we do not want to be very hard on people who do not have time. Just make sure that there is cleaning time in your schedule.
In addition, you should spend about 10 to 15 minutes of your day cleaning something. It will save a lot of time when you do the full cleaning.

These two ways will allow you to clean the hard to reach places. However, if you still do not have time, it is time to start thinking about hiring a professional agency or a housekeeper to get things done. You can know more about useful household general cleaning here.